New CBE faculty postcard

New CBE faculty postcard back

  • Skills Required: Photography, InDesign, graphic design
  • Project Notes: I had produced several postcards for Mines by the time I started work on this one, including one for new faculty in the College of Applied Science and Engineering. For that, I had used three standard head shots and tried to add visual interest by inserting colorful images related to their research interests, but it was still a fairly straightforward design. I had seen a couple of postcards from other institutions that used a group shot instead, so I decided to give that approach a shot. I knew it was a risk, particularly in terms of getting all four people to look good in the same shot, so I mitigated that risk with volume—I took a lot of photos, and at least one turned out well. The Chemical and Biological Engineering Department has been making a point of touting its size—a major factor in how departments are judged in U.S. News and World Report and other rankings—so the front text is a continuation of that theme: "Look at us! We're growing so much that we've added four new faculty members!" I think "Leaps and Bounds" conveys that idea succinctly and fairly elegantly. We also continued that theme on the back of the postcard, with the same "Biggest in the West" slogan and the same significant numbers from a previous mailing. Editing down the bios on the back was a challenge. I'm really happy with how the photo turned out, and how even the overhang of the building worked perfectly to set off the text. Things just came together really well for this project, and I'm happy to take credit for some of that.